How to Select The Best TVs for Gaming

Gaming televisions are TVs sets that have a faster image response, a good refresh rate, a septic gaming mode , and other better features that satisfy different requirement of the most avid gamers. Most people who want to purchase gaming Tv go for the a television set that has the highest image quality. Because there are many different console games that have different resolution, most gamers are looking for gaming televisions that have high processing chips installed among other factors to have high-resolution games in terms of picture quality. However, resolution is not the only thing you need to check when you are thinking of buying a good gaming TV. There are different gaming TVs in the market and you need to have this information on some specifications that you need to look for before selecting the best gaming TV for you. Here are some tips that can help you to select the best gaming TVs.

One tip for differentiating a gaming TV, and the flat screens that you have been sold for nearly a decade is the response time. The response time represents the latency time between when the image is prepared from the source and when it is displayed on the screen. You need to select a gaming TV with a short response time to avoid the input lag that makes you lose the quick draw every time.

Another aspect to consider is the refresh rate. This works hand in hand with the response time to determine when the image is presented to you. The refresh rate represents the number of images that your TV is able to project per second to give you an impression of moving pictures. If you have a TV with a poor refresh rate, it means that it will have excessive motion blur that leaves you struggling to pick out your opponent against the smear of colors on your screen when moving.

The contrast ratio in your gaming TV is also important for the best visual expression. No matter how good your TV refresh rate is, you need to see good color blending on the background. This can help you to distinguish a sniper in the shadows and shoot before the sniper kills you. Contrast can be defined simply as the difference in brightness between the brightest whites and darkest blacks a TV can display. Make sure that you get a gaming television with a great static contrast ratio to give you a great gaming experience. Although most TVs manufacturers do not give the static contrast ratio it is assumed that a TV with the best dynamic ratio, which is the difference between lights and darks in a stationary scene, is better that that with the lower contrast issue.

For the best resolution, you can decide to select 4k ultra HD TV, which are high-resolution televisions for gaming. These TVs have four times the pixels of 1080 HD that means that you are going crystal clear life-life details that will truly blow your mind. The TV has the ability to upscale even your older content such as the blu- ray and have a sensational look. You can find quality HD gaming for television that are under $1000 and give you the best gaming experience that you need.

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What Specifications You Need To Check While Selecting A Good PC Gaming Speaker System?

A gaming PC is incomplete without an audio system that compliments the gaming performance of the rig. Speaker systems add value to the gaming rig, when someone is sitting behind while you are playing a game, they enjoy when you have a speaker system and get bored when you are busy playing with your headphones on.

Selecting perfect speaker system that compliments your gaming rig is equally difficult. One needs to understand the features before selecting a speaker system.

• Audio Card Output Type

The audio card of the PC plays an important role in speaker selection. If your audio card gives a 2.1 channel output, there is no point of buying a 7.1 speaker system. The first step in the selection process is to check the output capabilities of the PC sound card. Most sound cards have a 5.1 channel audio output.

• Gaming Channel Requirements

Some games require a 7.1 channel surround sound, a few of them require a 5.1 surround sound while most of the basic games work well in a 2.1 channel audio. One needs to make a list of all the games they intend to play and check for the maximum requirements for the games. If one chooses a 7.1 channel output game and buys a 5.1 or 2.1, they will not be able to cherish the amazing sound effects of the game.


SNR or Sound to Noise Ratio of the speaker plays a vital role in gaming, in conditions like identifying the location of the enemy using footstep noise, one can easily have an edge in the game. The better is the SNR ratio of the speaker, the better is the clarity. However, the perfect range for gaming is 60-80 U. Buying a more efficient speaker does not help.


RMS or Response Bandwidth of the speaker is a capability of the speaker to play the sound of that frequency. The wider the range the better is the speaker, an ideal gaming speaker picks up from 40Hz to 20,000Hz of sounds. This is one specification worth spending your money on. The better is the RMS range, the costlier is the speaker and the better are the audio definition and details.

• Output Wattage

The output wattage of the speaker also plays a big role when you intend to play the speaker of loud volume. The greater is the output wattage the better is the bass produced by the subwoofer and the more is the wattage of the individual speaker, the better is the sound quality of the satellite speakers.

The RMS of the speakers and the subwoofer must be proportionate. A disproportionate speaker system will ruin the experience. Too much of bass ruins the details and poor bass reduces the kick you expect to get from a surround sound system.

These specifications are the indicators of the quality of the speaker. However, the brand also plays a key role in the quality of the speaker. Same speaker configuration from a better manufacturer costs a little more, but gives a better audio output over years. One should always choose from a top brand when selecting a speaker as at one point you will compare the quality of gaming headphones with the speaker. It is a necessity for games to have a top quality speaker system to have an edge over the opponents.

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